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Elitis- Wall-coverings offered by the ELITIS factory of France have perfect quality and distinguished style. Continuous search for new wall-covering technologies employing natural materials and creation of wall-coverings imitating natural materials have made the ELITIS factory a leader of the topical “ecological” tendency in the sphere of interiors design.

Decorative capacities of vinyl make it possible to produce clever imitations of natural coverings indistinguishable from the original in appearance and feel. Vinyl collections of ELITIS wall-coverings reproduce textures of linen cloth and gunny made of Manila hemp, wooden surfaces, and skin of exotic animals. Vinyl has perfect performance properties, i.e., it is resistant to abrasion and scratching and does not lose color with time.

It is moisture-resistant and can be washed regularly, which makes it possible to use vinyl wall-coverings in a kitchen or a nursery. Hand wickerwork is used in an exclusive series of natural wall-coverings from vegetable fibers on a paper substrate. Such wall-coverings guarantee air circulation and optimal humidity in any room, and a protective covering makes them resistant to the impact of dust, moister and sunlight.

The color gamut of the ELITIS finishing materials is rich and diverse. Natural coverings preserve the abundance of natural shades of color, and fine nuances of natural colors are used in the vinyl collection of wall-coverings.