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Omexco- Traditionally Omexco designers are the lawmakers of interior fashion. Every half a year Omexco introduces a new collection of wall-covering and fabrics to the market, ideas and motives for which are created by the best European designers of interiors.Designers minds travel around various countries and cultures in a search for ideas for the new collection. That is where the variety of styles and trends from minimalism up to Hi-tech comes from.Various materials such as viscose, polyester, cellulose, flax, paper, bamboo, sisal, jute are used to bring to life the creative ideas of the designers.

They prefer natural vegetative fibres. The technologies used for manufacturing of wall-covering that vary from traditional to the state of the art are weaving, “string to string”, pressed non-woven textiles, lamination with thin paper.Textile wall-covering (viscose, polyamide) is processed with a special coating against pollution; wall-covering from non-woven textiles (polyester + cellulose) is washable.Thinking over their stylistic ideas to a dot, Omexco also offers fabrics for curtains and upholstery that match the wall-coverings.